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Our purpose is to divinely bring together people of various cultural/multiethnic experiences through fellowship, assembling an International Torchbearer's Team of Born-Again Believers to carry our YAHOVAH/God's Mandate to the Church, and to address the needs of the Body of Christ as well as mankind. Secondly, to reach out to the hurting, the down trodden, the cast-a-ways, and the UN-churched. Thirdly, to raise the level of spiritual consciousness - to broaden horizons, and to bring "light: to a very dark world. Finally, we desire to teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever YAHOVAH/God has commanded for He said, "And lo, I AM with you always, even to the end of the world." (Matt. 28:19-20). This Ministry is open to men and women of all ethnic backgrounds and from all walks of life, who covenants with and agrees to be governed by the Word of YAHOVAH/God.

pastor grayer photoCome Into the Holy Place...

Join us for glorious services weekly. We are expecting a beautiful, colorful, exciting, and Holy Spirit-filled, power packed time as we gather to lift up the name of YESHUA/Jesus; in Prayer, in Song, in Reading of YAH/God's Word, in Dance, and in Preaching of the Gospel. How awesome it is to anticipate the Works of Elohim's Hands! Come and meet the people of YAHOVAH as we come from the outer court and go into the Holy Place, for nothing "compares to being in HIS presence and HIS Spirit being in you"!

Tuesday - 7:00 pm - Bible Encounter

Friday - Prayer & Daughter of Zion Training immediately following.

Sunday - 1:00 pm - Worship Service

Click here to send a prayer request.Special Event Dates:
PARADE OF NATIONS WITH BANNERS WORSHIP GATHERING,Fellowship Prayer Breakfast Held Annually Spirit directed - 4th Weekend in March
Women's Conference - 4th Weekend in September with Mini Prayer Cruise Along the Chicago Skyline
Oasis in the Desert Workshops - 4th Weekend in October (Each Service/Gathering is Spirit directed). Soul Stirring Revival, CHRIST RECEPTION where over 200 guest eats free - 3rd Weekend in December

Click here for more detailed information on these events.

Works of Elohim International
445 E. Bowen Ave
Chicago, IL 60653

Please call first. Services may change without notice.

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